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Roof Wind Damage Replacement - Austin, TXSigns Of Damaging Winds

Wind tends to attack the points of a roof along the edges or at the peak. Any loose shingles are likely to suffer the most damage.

Wind likes to find a weak point then twists or lifts roofing material causing damage, or it rips the material off the roof. Once asphalt shingles or tile pieces are torn away from the roof, the underlying material is all that is left to repel water. This material is designed to shed water, but won’t hold up to persistent winds, heavy rain or hail.

Watch for these signs of wind damage:

  • Damages or missing roof shingles
  • Satellite dish ripped from roof
  • Tree debris or tree damage
  • Roof vents torn away
  • Missing ridge vent or ridge shingles
  • Leaks inside the structure

Most roofs have a wind rating designed to withstand high winds. Storms in Texas don’t care about wind ratings and can still damage even a new roof. Older roofs, especially those over 20 years in age, have worn down considerably and are more vulnerable.

Roof Wind Damage Repair - Austin, TX

Ace Roofing Austin is a dependable roofer in Austin and surrounding communities. Our friendly and courteous team of roofing professionals can respond to roof wind storm aftermath and help avoid further damage. No matter the effect of wind, our roofing experts can assess damage and make stop-gap repairs as needed. This allows time for a full inspection to develop a plan of action for necessary repairs or roof replacement.

Dependable, Reliable Roofing Contractor

Ace Roofing Austin leads the field among local roofing companies as we continue with premier customer service, positive roofer reviews and referrals, and our passionate commitment to excel as the best roofing contractor in Austin, Tx.

The problems with your roof caused by storm damage can be unnerving. It is cause for alarm when you see shingles ripped off the roof and strewn about the property or broken tree branches that smashed holes in the roof.

Water can leak into your home through any damaged part of your roof. Outside damage to your roof is not as costly as water damage inside your home. It’s important you act quickly to address any roofing issues before problems worsen.

When you need dependable roof repair or replacement following a storm, call Ace Roofing Austin.