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Roofs throughout Austin, Texas, and surrounding communities are subjected to some of the most severe weather conditions from hail storms, high winds or heavy rains. When you add in sunny days all year long and extreme heat in the summer, roofs take a beating. In time, you will need a professional roofer for your commercial or residential roof repair.

Ace Roofing Austin understands the needs of home and business owners. We’re a family owned and operated roofing contractor in Austin serving neighbors throughout the metropolitan service area. We’ve been local roofers for years and know how to help our customers.

Roof repair may seem simple, until it turns complicated and you need to call a reliable roofing professional. We are commercial and residential roof repair experts.

Roof Repair in Austin TX

Signs Of Roof Damage

Sooner or later everyone needs an honest, affordable roofing company. Signs you need to call a professional are:

  • damaged or missing shingles or tiles
  • a leaking roof
  • algae growing on the roof
  • wood rot on the edges of the roof
  • broken roof pipe covers
  • roof damaged by a tree
  • rodent damage

While these signs may be more visible, other signs can be deceiving and possibly result in more costly repairs if ignored.

If your roof has shiny spots on the asphalt shingles, it’s likely your roof is more than 20 years old. Years of wear and damage from wind, rain and the sun could mean your roof is failing. One more big storm could be costly. A failed roof requires roof replacement.

An old, damaged roof may also be revealed by shingle granules in gutters or on the ground next to the foundation. These will show up more after a hard rain. Without enough granules, shingles can fail when severe weather arrives.

Damage from a hail storm may also not be readily visible to the untrained eye. A professional roof inspection by Ace Roofing Austin can detect hail damage. Shingles damaged by hail may look fine, but underneath the shingles are “bruised” or broken.

When your shingles, tile or other roof covering is vulnerable after damage, your roof system can fail and cause costly roof leaks.

Reliable Roof Repair Service

All of us have a bit of do-it-yourself spunk in us and roof repairs can seem simple. Ace Roofing Austin doesn’t recommend attempting roof repair because roofs can be steep and slippery. Be extremely careful and follow all safety precautions if you do attempt roof work.

We also don’t recommend hiring just any roofing contractor offering a fast deal. Many roofing companies, especially following a severe storm, suddenly appear on the scene. As fast as they arrived, they will be gone. Ace Roofing Austin is a proven, reliable company with warranties and ties to the local community along with a commitment to customer service.

Our roof advisors are trained and experienced professionals. They can provide a thorough roof inspection, recommend necessary repairs and schedule all work as needed. Our roof installers have years of experience and skill. Our Austin roofing company team can complete all necessary roof repair you need.

Roof Tile Repair Austin TX

How do you know your roofing contractor can deliver quality roof repair? Follow the signs of success. Ace Roofing Austin is a respected roofing contractor with noted customer satisfaction to support our proven success. Customers have rewarded our commercial and residential roofing repair services with top ratings on review sites such as Yelp! and Angie’s List. We are also accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

Dependable, Reliable Roofing Contractor

Among roofing companies in Austin, we stand atop the field based on our premier customer service, positive roofer reviews and referrals, and our passionate commitment to excel as the best roofing contractor in Austin, Tx. When you need dependable roof repair, call Ace Roofing Austin.