Hail Damage

Repair or Replace Damaged Roofs

Hail damage is one of the costliest natural weather events that affects millions of businesses and homes each year. Almost anything outdoors during a strong hail storm will be damaged including patio furniture, decks, trees, fences, cars and roofs.

Ace Roofing Austin knows there is a regular frequency of roof damage from hail in Austin and surrounding communities. We are a reliable roofing contractor in Austin TX and have helped clients for years in the city and outlying areas. Ace Roofing Austin specializes in roof repair and roof replacement.

Hail Damaged Roof - Austin, TX

Roofs protect businesses and homes all year long while going mostly unnoticed as a vital part of keeping property and people safe. Even the strongest, newest roof can sustain damage from a severe hail storm. Hail is a powerful, naturally occurring destructive force.

Despite the overwhelming force of a hail storm, roofs repel most of the damage. But, a hail-damaged roof needs immediate help or the next storm with rain, wind or hail could easily cause even more problems or total roof failure.

Ace Roofing Austin provides complete roofing services when a hail storm hits your business or home. Our commercial and residential roofing teams can respond quickly and complete all work needed to restore your roof.

Inspect Quickly For Hail Damage

If a severe storm with large hail blows through your neighborhood, you’ll see the obvious signs of hail damage. There will be dents in patio furniture, chips in decking or fencing, dents in cars, possibly broken windows or car windows, dented down spouts, missing roofing shingles and lots of black spots peppered on remaining shingles. These black spots are direct hail hits.

If the storm wasn’t severe, not so obvious hail damage can go unseen even though your roof is in bad shape and needs repair or replacement. The experienced and trained roofing advisors at Ace Roofing Austin can inspect your roof to determine the extent of hail damage. They know how to look for signs of hail damage such as dented or chipped metal parts on the roof including pipes, vents, valley or chimney flashing, and gutters.

Damage to roofing shingles is the largest concern. Our roofing advisors have the experience and skill to discover hail damage that can be easily overlooked by the untrained or less experienced inspector.

Smaller hail damage in numbers can damage a roof as much as obvious hail hits. If there is enough damage, roof replacement is recommended to avoid further problems and higher expense in the future.

As a qualified roofing contractor, Ace Roofing Austin can provide thorough roof inspections, complete estimates for roof work and help with insurance company hail damage claims. Our goal is to assist you in restoring your roof to its purpose of protecting your property and your family.

Roof Hail Damage Repair and Replacement - Austin, TX

Dependable, Reliable Roofing Contractor

Ace Roofing Austin leads the field among local roofing companies as we continue with high-quality customer service; positive client reviews and referrals for our commercial and residential roofing services; and our passionate commitment to continue as the trusted roofing contractor in Austin, Tx.

The problems with your roof caused by hail damage can rattle your world. It is cause for alarm when you see property shattered, holes in your roof or shingles ripped off the roof and tossed about your property.

Hail damage can cause roof leaks in unexpected places. Repairing or replacing your roof is not as costly as water damage inside your home. Acting quickly to tackle hail damage to your roof is important before the problems get worse and cost more.

When you need dependable roof repair or replacement following a damaging hail storm, call Ace Roofing Austin.