Roof Replacement

31May 2018

Roofs Fail And Need Replacing

One of the biggest positives about a roof is that it’s designed to last for decades. Your roof battles the elements daily, can be repaired if needed and most of the time doesn’t draw attention as it does its work. But a roof is vulnerable.

A roof can fail.

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Your roof can suffer damage from severe weather such as rain, wind or hail; trees or rodents can punch holes in a roof; and improper installation can slowly ruin roofing materials. Any of these problems can undermine the integrity of your roof and ultimately cause it to fail in protecting your business or home.

Once your roof is beyond the point of permanent repair, it’s time for replacement.

Roof Replacement Signals

A roof that has been repaired multiple times, is more than 20 years old or has suffered extensive weather damage is a strong candidate to be replaced. While it’s more cost-effective to repair a roof, there is only so much that can be done to extend a roof’s lifespan.

Years of patches and fixes weaken a roof and lead to failures throughout the roof system. Cost of repairs may soon outweigh the advantages of roof replacement in Austin TX. More parts of the roof will stop doing their job and can cause unnecessary damage. For example, multiple patches to missing shingles or worn-out flashing can lead to leaks in the roof. Once moisture gets inside your structure, water damage repair costs can escalate quickly.

All roofs will age out. Surviving the Texas weather means a roof must withstand sudden, sever storms and daily assault from the sun. The sun alone can cut years off the lifespan of a roof. A weakening, aged roof is noticeable when there are shiny spots on the shingles; roof granules can be found in the gutters or around the building’s foundation after each rain; or shingles suddenly begin to crack or split.

Weather damage can kill a roof in a matter of hours. After every storm, your roof needs to be inspected for damage from wind, rain or hail. Visible signs include missing shingles, metal flashing bent out of shape or obvious holes in the roof from debris. Long-term problems, such as irreparable damage to roofing materials from hail, requires a professional inspection.

Business, Home Roof Replacement

Once your roof is properly inspected by a roofing professional, you’ll want to make sure you have a qualified roofer to replace your business or home roof. There are differences in the skills required for a dependable roofer to deliver a quality roof replacement.

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Commercial roof replacement requires knowledge of special permits, zoning codes, safety requirements and how roofing replacement work will affect business employees and customers. Experience counts because there are complicated roof designs such as flat, steep slope, built-up, torch-down. There are also a variety of materials that must be considered such as modified bitumen, TPO, foam, EPDM, metal. Each roof design and material combination must be applied by a skilled roofing contractor.

Residential roof replacement has its own requirements of any roofing company in Austin TX. The room of a home can get complicated quickly because of the mixed slopes, ridges and valleys. You’ll also need an experienced, dependable roofer who can apply your selection of materials. Roofing materials vary based on personal choice and home construction. These include tile, asphalt shingles, wood and metal. All these choices have many variations to consider.

When it’s determined you need roof replacement, be sure to select a professional roofer.

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