Roof Repair

31May 2018

Focus On Roof Repairs

Aside from a piano falling through your roof, there are typical roof repairs all businesses and homeowners will face at some point. Your roof was never meant to last forever, so each passing day means it’s that much closer to needing repair.

Add in the daily fight against weather, and you need to keep an eye on your roof, especially if it’s older than 20 years.

The key is determining which needed repairs can be done easily and which issues need extensive work. Some repairs might require only an extra shingle or some caulking and cost a few dollars. Be aware, once you identify a roof problem the costs can add up. A leak underneath metal flashing in a roof valley can lead to replacing the flashing, the underlayment and the shingles and cost $1,000 before you finish the work.

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At Ace Roofing Austin, we never recommend anyone attempt roof repairs without proper safety equipment and training. Let the professionals handle the extensive work.

Be Aware Of Roof Leaks, Repairs

Roof repair usually begins with a noticeable problem. Torn or missing shingles, a broken roof pipe or a hole in the roof are all signs you need roof repair. All these issues may lead to the costliest problem – a leaking roof. Once your roof is leaking, repairs are more important than any other home improvement project.

A leaky roof can be subtle, or it can seem like a river is flowing into your home. A subtle leak could be a small hole in the roof left when a nail holding a shingle in place was ripped away during a storm. That nail hole lets water in with each new rainfall. A free-flowing leak can come from a hole left by tree damage in a storm or a pipe boot cover that is cracked open and letting water drain right into the structure.

Your roof is designed and built to repel water. When any part of the roof fails, water gains the advantage. Large or small, any leak in your roof needs immediate repair.

Questions Abound Over Leaky Roof Costs

When you consider the cost of roof repair versus further water damage, there is really no comparison. As we’ve stated, roof repair costs can range from a few dollars to several thousand. By comparison, a $15 piece of equipment to repair your roof is a lot less expensive than any water damage inside your home.

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Let’s say it rains and a small roof hole from a missing shingle nail or two lets water get into your home. A small stain appears on your ceiling, but it doesn’t get worse after the rains stops. Doesn’t seem like much of a problem at the time.

What you don’t see is whether the water caused unknown damage as it travelled from the roof through the attic space into your ceiling tile.

Did the water soak into your roof decking and ruin its ability to support the shingles? Did the water start rotting a support beam across a room below? Did the water almost cause an electrical short in a wiring box it crawled through? Did the water leave enough moisture in the insulation to grow mold?

Any one of these problems from a “small” leak could cause expensive water damage repairs that cost more each day they aren’t addressed. A leaking roof is nothing to “put off” until another day.

Dependable, Reliable Roofing Contractor

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