Hail Damage

31May 2018

Hail Damage Devastates Roofs

Severe storms can roll through Central Texas any time of the year and bring with them one of the most devastating weather elements for roofs – hail damage.

Any time there is hail in the area, you need to have a professional roofing company in Austin TX inspect your roof. Hail, like rain, works in odd ways. Neighbors to either side of you may suffer minimal damage while your business or home roof is damaged and needs to be replaced.

Many factors, including type of roofing material, age of your roof and the size of hail, all play into how badly your roof is damaged by these flying balls of ice.

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Let’s be clear, hail always weakens a roof. The question is whether the hail was damaging enough to require roof replacement.

Free Hail Damage Roof Inspection

The only way to determine the extent of damage following a hail storm is to physically inspect the roof. Ace Roofing Austin never recommends inspecting a roof without proper safety equipment and training. We offer free roof inspections, so why not let the professionals help?

A roof damaged by hail isn’t always obvious to the untrained eye. Our professional roofers have the experience, training and skill to identify any hail damage. You might notice from ground level dark spots or broken shingles, but other signs are visible only when walking the roof.

Less obvious signs include how badly those hail spots damaged your roofing materials such as tile or shingles. The outside of the shingle may appear just “bruised,” but underneath the shingle may be split causing that part of the roof to fail and allow water inside. Rubber pipe boots – that keep water from running down pipes into the house – are easy prey for even small hail.

Hail, wind and rain always seem to find the weakest points of your roof system and cause problems.

Extreme hail – such as golf ball size or larger – can rip through roofing material, shatter skylights and windows, smash roof vents and even punch holes through the decking of your roof. This damage will be obvious after a storm, but you still need a professional roof inspection.

After any hail storm, you need to make sure any damage is addressed before it worsens, i.e. damage that cause a leaking roof. Any leaky roof needs immediate attention to stop further damage. This allows you time to plan for roof replacement.

Help For Hail Damaged Roof

Any time there is damage to your home it is an unsettling experience. Hail damage makes it worse because you’ve usually ridden out the storm inside, watched the hail hit everything nearby and now you must determine the seriousness of the hail damage.

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A trusted local roofer such as our company can help. We’ve been through this process many times. You’ll receive the help you need to inspect the roof and any hail damage, you’ll know the cost of replacement for your roof and we can guide you through the insurance claim process.

You’ll have the advocate you need working for your best interests from inspection to the final clean up after your roof replacement. Hail damage is serious, and we’re serious about getting your business or home back to operating normally again as soon as possible.

Dependable, Reliable Roofing Contractor

Among roofing companies in Austin, we stand atop the field based on our premier customer service, positive roofer reviews and referrals, and our passionate commitment to excel as the best roofing contractor in Austin, Tx. When you need dependable roof repair, call Ace Roofing Austin.